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Student Review! Carys - GCSE Maths!

‘I think I’m going to start my own tutoring business.’ I said it. I meant it. I spent a couple of months organising my ideas, making my website… and so on. But then… I had to actually get students. I had been a tutor for a private company teaching English as a Foreign Language for some time, but had never gone it alone, nor expanded my subject range.

And then an old friend got in touch asking if I would tutor her for her GCSE Maths. Maths… it had been a while. But I took on the challenge, buried my head in books and put together a plan. And what a ten months it has been. I have fallen back in love with Maths, got to see my friend every Sunday morning, and watched her get to grips with times tables, factorising algebra, geometry, fractions, decimals and fractions, to name a few.

It may not be her favourite subject – it may be simply about passing the exam to move on to something she is truly passionate about – but she is doing incredible, and I could not be more proud of her.

Thank you for the lovely review. Thank you for trusting in me, for being one of my first private students, and for letting me be a part of your journey. It really is my pleasure. We will get there together.

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