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Taster lessons for you! Suggest some topics!

So you're thinking a tutor may be able to help you, or your child or teenager, become more academically engaged and confident, and help to improve grades, but don't know which tutor to choose, how to do it whilst in lockdown, or how valuable it will be?

Let me see if I can give you some answers! Over the next couple of weeks I am going to make some bite-size taster lessons and post them on this blog, so I want to know from YOU, suggestions of topics you want a free video-lesson on.

Do you want to understand the themes in Macbeth and how Shakespeare explores the dangers of ambition?

The difference between inductive and deductive reasoning? Or what Descartes was arguing for with his proposition 'cogito ergo sum' - I think therefore I am?

Would you like to learn the terminology and evaluative techniques you can use to discuss the effect of imagery in a love poem?

Or perhaps you'd like a lesson on how to write a sharp and engaging introduction to any exam question or essay?

Whatever your suggested topic may be, let me know by going to my Facebook page @laurahtutoring and commenting on this post or PMing me,

or simply email,

Stay safe, be kind to yourselves, and never stop learning.


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