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In this PowerPoint, Act One of An Inspector Calls is broken down into small chunks to easily teach your students the beginning of the plot. PPT animations included with extra useful notes, handy for presenting on computer/screen to a full class or sharing for online lessons through zoom or similar platforms.


Also available in a PDF format for £1


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More resources available in PowerPoint and PDF format for An Inspector Calls on my website, all PFDs are £1 and PowerPoints £2, along with full lesson on Plot PowerPoint with 46 slides and incorporating 10 individual PPT activities worth total of £20 for £14: a 30% discount. More lesson resources on An Inspector Calls on characters, themes, analysing language, planning exam answers, writing exam answers and revision with games all coming very soon, both in individual PDF or PPT format or as full PPT lessons. To be notified when these are available please message me on Facebook or through the contact me section on my website.


More GCSE literature text resources will be available in the coming months!

An Inspector Calls Learn the Plot Act One PPT

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